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  • Article should be going with Computer & Mobile Science.

     You can write according any topic which is going with computer , Internet services , IT lesson , Android , Windows , Mobile Phones. Other subjects are not published on this site but we do not waste them we will publish them on other web sites that going with your topic.

  • Article should be easy to understand for anyone

      Write articles in very simple language and try to describe every important point. Add Pictures, Screenshots and links for better understand.

  • Write something that you know very well without problems

      Before we publish your Article we will test it. If it contains lot of faults your Article will not be published. Therefore write something that really works.

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  • After completing your article go to Submit Article page

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Make your Article in these formats : Word file (.docx) with pictures Or Text files (.txt)

  • Place every links in brackets ex: (http://www.Download.com/File.html)
  • In text files (.txt) add comment with the image filename in the places where to put pictures ex: Pic10 here

Move all images into one folder.

  • Images should have size that enough for the best view in a web page
  • Use .jpeg, .png,  .gif  formats

Copy your article file and image folder into a one folder then rename the folder ex: Article name + your name

Compress the folder in .rar or .zip format

Then Email or Upload it.

  • To write online go to Submit Article page

Our Help:

  • Write articles in your preferred language we will translate it

     You can write Articles in English or in Sinhala. If you plan to use Sinhala language make sure to use Unicode. Do not use normal fonts. To download Unicode Click here

  • You can take an idea for your Article from suggested articles page


There may be some changes in your Articles to make it better. But we publish it with your name.

Read Complete instructions here

මෙතනින් සම්පූර්ණ ලිපිය සිංහලෙන් කියවන්න 

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