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How to set custom border in Microsoft word in mm/cm

How to set custom border in Microsoft word in mmcm
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Sometimes you need to add custom sized page borders when you are creating a Word documents.The most common problem is the how to set the margin or border in centimeter or in millimeters. You can learn how to do that in few steps by reading this article.

First of all Open Microsoft Word and go to Options from Files

Now go to Advanced tab and scroll down to the Display section. There you can select centimeters or millimeters for Show measurement in units of. Normally it is set to inches by default. When you change the unit type you have to use that unit for every configuration in Microsoft word. After selecting, a unit click OK


Creating a Custom margin in Microsoft Word

Now it is time to change the margin size of your Word document. Firstly, Go to Layout tab and select Margins.

Then click on Custom margins…  at the bottom of the drop-down menu.

Now you can set any margin size from Page Setup window in selected unit type.For example: If you want a 2.5cm border from the left side and a 1cm border from other sides, You have to set the 25mm to right and 10mm to top, bottom and left. It will look like the following picture.

Now click on OK

Adding a border in Microsoft Word

Even though you have configured the margin you have to configure borders to appear correctly in the printouts. After setting the margin with the needed size of the borders go to Design tab and click on Page Borders which you can find in the right corner of the ribbon.

Select Box from Border and Shading window and click on Options.. button.

Thereafter Border and Shading Options window will be opened.

Select Text for Measure from drop-down list and set all four values in top/left/bottom/right to 0 and click OK

Well, Now you have the custom border correctly placed in your document. You can see your pages like below.

For your ease, you can directly download a .docx document file with pre configured borders in mm as ( right 25, left 10, top 10, bottom 10) from this link



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