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How to reduce Internet data usage.

This is the information age and information has become the most valuable assets in the modern world. Information is the biggest market in the world. Google, Facebook, YouTube all are in information business and they earn billions with the use of information. We use internet to find various information that we need. But all that comes with some price. You can’t get all those information without any cost. We are always paying the value of those information even though we can’t see how we pay.

How many hours do you spend surfing internet in a day ? And how much data you consume daily ? According to the surveys most of people use at least 500Mb per day ( 15GB per month). But all those money goes to your internet service provider.

While we are surfing internet to find some information we visits number of websites. These websites do not serve for free. Websites use advertisements to make revenues. You have seen those websites filled with advertisements right? So have you ever wondered how do these advertisements are actually related to what we are interested or what we are looking for. For example if you are looking to buy new phone these days and every website you visits shows phone advertisements. So how that is possible ? How do they know what we are interested ?

It is because when you are surfing the web you have no privacy. As I told you in the beginning of this article your private information is also very valuable to other parties who can use them to earn money. Internet is always looking at you and your behavior. It is always recording what you do, what you are interested and it even knows what you are planing to do. This is known as tracking. Most of websites tack your identity and collect your private information and sell them to advertisement companies. Advertisement companies use their knowledge about your interest to display correct ads. So behind the scene all these happens while your data is charged. You are actually paying for giving them your private information.

What is your web browser and is it good ?

Your web browser is loading hundreds of unwanted things without you are knowing. All these trackers and advertisements load with the web pages. And you are the one who charged for those data usage. So if you are interested only about the content of the website then why do you pay to load these unnecessary things which makes it slower too.

So lets stop them loading anymore and make it faster and private while your data usage is getting reduced.

Now it is time to change your browser.. Oh you don’t like to change ? That’s okay this is not something alien. We are going to experience the Google Chrome browser without ads and trackers. Just by blocking ads and other unwanted content this browser can archive 2 times faster internet surfing than Chrome and Safari. And in mobile devices it is 8 times faster.

You can save hundreds of data by blocking unwanted content while your privacy is secured. You can simply download this browser from the below link.

This browser comes with more additional features. And with future ad free internet concept. Also you can download their Mobile Apps to your mobile device.

Google Play

Apple App Store

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