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Last update: 28/08/2017


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HowTolk.com is a how to do website mainly targeting the Sri Lankan peoples who use internet to learn new things.We provide how to do tutorials in English and in Sinhala language for them.This website is not only for the readers but also for the article writers and helpers too. We help people to resolve their problems with help of others. We are trying to give our best support for you.

Now we bring you our android app, You can download our official android app for free and keep in touch with HowTolk faster than ever.

HowTolk App Supports with Sinhala Unicode.therefore you can read HowTolk articles in Sinhala in anywhere at anytime.

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HowTolk app comes to you with an elegant and user friendly interface. Our App supports wide range of android devices including Smart phones and Tablets. More updates will come soon.